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Sunday, July 31, 2005


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This year's Launceston season of the MIFF Travelling Film Festival (August 19-21, 2005) offers a diverse selection of films. Australia, USA, UK, Italy and Israel are represented in works that run the gamut from heartbreaking to hilarious.
Don's Party, the '70s comedy classic featuring the late Graham Kennedy, is Australia's entry, presented in a new, regraded 35mm print with remastered soundtrack. Nicole Kidman appears with screen goddess Lauren Bacall in the US entry Birth, while Kevin Bacon gives arguably his finest performance in The Woodsman, following an ex-prisoner's heartbreaking attempt to re-enter society.

Oscar winner My Architect traces the story of US architect Louis Kahn, who died alone in 1974 in a Penn Station men's room. Italy's A Heart Elsewhere is a witty story about the love affair between a gauche young tailor's son, Nello, and the blind and beautiful Anna.

Festival co-ordinator Olivia Peniston-Bird worked as an assistant director on the UK film Enduring Love and shares insights into its production when she introduces the screening and runs a question-and-answer session afterwards.


19/8, 7pm, A Heart Elsewhere, 107 minutes, Italy
19/8, 9.15pm, Walk on Water, 104 minutes, Israel
20/8, 3pm, My Architect, 116 minutes, USA
20/8, 7pm, The Woodsman, 119 minutes, USA
20/8, 9pm, Birth, 100 minutes, USA
21/8, 2.30pm, Enduring Love, 100 minutes, followed by Q&A with filmmaker, UK
21/8, 4.30pm, Nobody Knows, 141 minutes, Japan
21/8, 7.30pm, Don's Party, 90 minutes, Australia


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