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Friday, July 29, 2005

Flow-on benefits Gunns' new mill

A SIDE benefit of the Meander Dam go-ahead will be that the supply of water in summer will be more assured for Gunns' proposed $1.3 million pulp mill.

About 18,000 megalites of water from the Meander Dam has been earmarked for environmental flow to improve the downstream ecosystems of the Meander and Trevallyn rivers.

However, the Government confirmed yesterday that this environmental flow was deemed to have "done its job" by the time it reached the Trevallyn Dam, at which time it could be sold by Hydro Tasmania to the pulp mill or used to produce power.

A Department of Primary Industries and Water spokesman said there was no expectation the Meander Dam environmental flow had to enter the Tamar estuary.

Last week Gunns announced a new deal with Hydro Tasmania to obtain from the Trevallyn Dam all of the 26 gigalitres of water the pulp mill would need each year for operation.



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