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Friday, July 29, 2005

Geoff Dyer - Tasmanian Artist

Geoff Dyer is emphatically a landscape artist but his latest exhibition of plein air paintings also delves into the esoteric. As Dyer sees it, the landscape is "purely a prop - I'm simply interested in the process of painting".
"Australia has only been settled for a few hundred years – we can't work from our own ancient mythology but we can go back to the landscape. I'm after that ethereal quality where you can't quite grasp what you're looking at but it commands your attention."
"I wanted to capture the impenetrable aspect of the Tasmanian landscape - as the convicts would have seen it when first arriving in Australia."
Dyer's work has been called gothic referring to the dark nature of his paintings which are becoming increasingly abstracted. The impasto surface texture emphasises the materiality of the paint and process as equal to the subject. Small works are created with only a palette knife and fingers.
Dyer is known as the 2003 Archibald Prize winner but he does not consider himself a portraitist. His new exhibition seeks to expand the boundaries of landscape painting. "I don't conform to, or repeat, images. When you do, you are not making art, you are just working to a recipe."
Dyer studied at the Tasmanian School of Art and was Head of the School for Visual Arts and Creative Studies at Burnie Technical College before returning to painting full time. His work is represented in many public, private and corporate collections including the Art Gallery of NSW, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart; Burnie Regional Gallery; Davenport Art Gallery; Qantas; Price Waterhouse Cooper; and The Art Trust


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