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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tasmanian rock

Tasmanian rock

By PHIL BOX| Rock … rock … rock!

Those are the scariest words any belayer ever wants to hear … I am looking up after hearing those dreaded words and can see momentarily a block heading towards me, looming larger and larger with every nanosecond’s passing.

This was on a climbing road trip, visiting various crags around Tasmania. The team consisted of Lee, Jono, Ken, Neil, Rob, Kathy and myself.

First up, Hillwood not far from Launceston, remnant of a long extinct volcano. There are a lot of single pitch sport routes on the tessellated patterned walls of this amazing area. The lava has cooled to form geodesic patterns on the rock that are perfect for steep crimpy climbing.

Many of the routes are described as “The Best at Hillwood”, so this was a recurring theme for the rest of the trip. As we encountered new areas and got on classic routes at completely separate crags we would declare that this particular route was “The Best at Hillwood!”


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