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Monday, September 19, 2005

Hydro Tasmania deal to fund wind farm

It is hoped 5 per cent of Tasmania's energy needs will be fulfilled by wind power by the middle of next year.

Yesterday Hydro Tasmania announced that construction of a new wind farm in the state's north-west would begin within months.

The Studland Bay farm will be funded through a deal in which Aurora Energy buys renewable energy certificates from Hydro Tasmania.

The chief executive of Hydro, Geoff Willis, says it is great to be able to get backing for a wind farm proposal.

"Last year 2.5 per cent of Tasmania's load growth was met by wind farm development at Woolnorth and with this arrangement in place, we'll expect that 5 per cent of Tasmania's load will be meet by wind by the middle of 2006 onwards," he said.

"This is really important for us when water storages are at such a low level."

The construction of the wind farm will create 100 jobs in the region.

The new farm will overlook a bay south of the Woolnorth farm and have 25 three-megawatt turbines.

The chief executive of Aurora, Peter Davis, says it will be a 14-year partnership.

"Aurora has made a large commitment in terms of its forward requirements for those renewable energy certificates."



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