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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Code of conduct recommended to regulate winegrapes' sale.

Code of conduct recommended to regulate winegrapes' sale. 14/10/2005. ABC News Online

The wine industry has been dogged by falling prices and increasing oversupply but according to a new report, lack of representation and information is holding producers back.

A Senate committee inquiry into the industry has released its findings and is recommending a mandatory code of conduct be established to regulate the sale of winegrapes.

The report also suggests changes to the Trade Practices Act to give the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) increased power when contracts are changed.

Committee chairman Democrats Senator Andrew Murray says a separate industry representative group needs to be set up because growers concerns are not being heard.

"Their voice is muted, it's not well heard. Most parliamentarians of any length of service are very experienced as to who have strong lobbying presence and who has a strong ability to make their case in Canberra and in the states, and the grape growers just aren't strong enough," he said.


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