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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bloggers find new freedoms

The Mercury: Bloggers find new freedoms [20nov05]

AS a devoted mother of five, Hobart blogger Linden Langdon has always felt her main identity is that of "someone's mum".

Her weblog www.blog.lindenlangdon.com has given her the opportunity to express herself as an artist, gardener, writer and, most surprisingly, a friend people only thought they knew.

"A friend of mine who I've known for 25 years read my blog recently and said she learned all these things about me that she had no idea about," she said.

"A blog allows you to be the person that not everyone sees, not just the mum or the wife, it allows you to express things in a different way."

She started the blog, which she modestly titles The Ramblings of Linden Langdon, as a space for discussion on printmaking which she studies at the University of Tasmania.

"I started out looking for different techniques and discussions about print work but it soon drifted," she said.

"I am very careful not to write anything that might embarrass my family but there is a buzz in putting something personal out there."

Langdon writes about her children's achievements, her garden, her love for art -- and much more. She receives emails from all over the world from people who have stumbled across her weblog, and those who visit daily.

"I had one lady who thought my drawings were actually of her which was quite strange," Langdon said.

"Most people find it through searching through other links and they offer some wonderful positive feedback."

Like most bloggers, Langdon says keeping an online diary is great motivation to stay creative.

"You set goals in a regular diary which motivate you to achieve them and the blog works like that," she said.


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