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Saturday, November 12, 2005


GERMAN WALKERS TO DELIGHT IN TASMANIAN NATURE - Paula Wriedt, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

German walkers are being tempted with the delights of Tasmania?s nature and trekking attractions in the latest promotion by Germany?s biggest walking club.

Announcing the initiative today, Tourism Minister Paula Wriedt said that Germany?s DAV Summit Club and Panorama Magazine in conjunction with Tourism Tasmania have joined forces to promote Tasmania?s walking attractions.

?DAV Summit Club is the major walking and trekking club in Germany with an astounding 750,000 members and we are excited to be the only Australian product to be featured in their latest brochure.?

?This promotion, the latest in a series of specific marketing initiatives by Tourism Tasmania in the international market, will really propel Tasmania to the fore of walking destinations for German consumers.?

?As a niche destination and unlike our bigger competitors, this type of specialised strategy is another example of Tasmania?s innovative approach in working with strategic partners,? said Ms Wriedt.

?The initiative is the major campaign for Tourism Tasmania in the German market for 2005/2006 and is an integrated approach between DAV Summit Club, Panorama Magazine, Tourism Tasmania and Naturally Tasmanian Tours.?

Ms Wriedt said that in conjunction with DAV Summit Club?s promotion, Panorama Magazine will feature a six-page feature on walking and trekking in Tasmania.?

?Panorama Magazine has a readership of more than 1 million readers throughout Germany making it the premier magazine for this sector and an enormous market for us to reach.?

?This promotion will substantially lift Tasmania?s reputation in Germany as a premium walking and trekking destination and the campaign is designed to stimulate travel to Tasmania among the German market.?

?Three Tasmanian packages involving Tasmanian operator Naturally Tasmanian Tours, will be promoted titled ?Tasmania for Backpackers?, ?Tasmania in Comfort? and ?Tasmania Trekking? to cater for a range of consumers.?

Ms Wriedt said the Tasmanian walking packages will be presented to DAV Summit Club members at a trade exhibit weekend in November.

?A Tasmanian slide-show will be featured during the weekend accompanied by a presentation by widely travelled expedition pioneer Michael Vogeley to stimulate interest for the Tasmanian packages.?

?The Tasmanian packages are also featured on DAV Summit Club?s homepage stimulating increased interest in walking and trekking in Tasmania.?

For more information please visit www.dav-summit-club.de or www.discovertasmania.com (German home page).


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