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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Project viability tests 'rigorous'

The Mercury: Project viability tests 'rigorous' [27nov05]

BASSLINK'S economic viability was adequately examined, says the executive commissioner of the Resource Planning and Development Commission.

Julian Green said the RPDC's Joint Advisory Panel (JAP) had rigorously cross-examined expert witnesses.

Mr Green, who chaired the JAP, said environmental impacts had predominated throughout the hearings but not at the expense of the economics.

He said the environment had been the major focus of most submissions.

"Most submitters were concerned about the environmental impacts," Mr Green said.

"Very few were about the economic, but we did certainly address the economic impacts.

"We operate on the best evidence, that's the rule you operate on, it's either best evidence or no evidence. Everything was tested and nothing was taken for granted."

Mr Green said he had been provided with a copy of Ronlyn Duncan's PhD thesis.

"Ronlyn sent me a copy which I haven't yet read," he said.


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