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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Senses of Place

Senses of Place

Senses of place: exploring concepts and expressions of place
through different senses and lenses.

This will be an exciting event that will comprise multiple formats including specially invited keynote presenters and selected other speakers using a wide range of presentation formats, including artistic expression across a range of art forms. There will be a balance of small and large sessions.

The conference will be an exploration of place in multiple formats and media. It will go far beyond the traditional understanding of 'conference' and 'place' to create a venue for place to be experienced through the senses, analyzed as a concept, and expressed creatively. Specially invited presenters will provide their reflections on the meaning and being of place in their chosen format. They will be chosen to reflect place through different senses or lenses. In addition, there will be an open call for papers.

'Places' is to be regarded as a metaphor and includes home, virtual, border, embodied, Indigenous places, urban and rural, significant, heritage and iconic places, islands, mountains, forests, deserts, aquatic places, etc.

Equally, 'senses' and 'lenses' are also metaphors. Senses: sound, sight, feel, taste, smell, virtual, spiritual, common sense. Lenses: photography, film, performance, dance, literature, music, history, microscope, visual arts, museum, Indigenous insight, tourist, local, academic. and through a doorway:

In addition to different senses and lenses, the conference will have the following themes.

Feeling Thinking: Sights, sounds, touch, taste, smell, identity, belonging, orientation, virtuality

Spiriting Celebrating: sacred and spiritual

Revealing Representing: art, literature, film, music, dance, theatre, food, museums, history, science

Making Unmaking: describing, creating and losing, design, architecture.

Contesting Reclaiming: politics of place

Target groups
The audience and participants are expected to include:

Place researchers in Australia and overseas

Other people interested in place from around Australia

Mountain Festival participants

The general public.


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