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Sunday, November 06, 2005

States urged to follow WA's lead on bus seatbelts.

States urged to follow WA's lead on bus seatbelts. 07/11/2005. ABC News Online

A national bus safety campaigner is urging all state governments to follow Western Australia's lead and install seatbelts on all school buses.

Leon Hain is urging the other states to follow suit and says state transport ministers need to discuss the issue when they meet in Hobart on November 18.

The Gallop Government has bowed to public pressure and announced all new buses will be required to have seatbelts, while existing buses will have them retro-fitted on a priority basis.

The announcement comes two weeks after a school bus crash south of Perth, in which seatbelts were credited with saving lives.

Mr Hain says the other states need to follow WA's lead.

"The other states have got no excuse whatsoever, although Victorian Transport Minister Bachelor said he's got no intention of doing it full stop. Well, Gallop said that two weeks ago didn't he?" he said.

"I would now challenge every state premier and transport minister - especially the state transport ministers going to Hobart - either match what Gallop's doing or alternatively if they disagree let's have a public debate arranged by the media.

"I'll be in it, I hope they will."


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