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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tas Govt rejects two-tiered uni education system.

Tas Govt rejects two-tiered uni education system. 25/11/2005. ABC News Online

The Tasmanian Government has attacked plans to reform the higher education system claiming it will restrict choices for local students.

The Federal Government has proposed changes that would see students start out at regional universities before having to switch to larger universities for advanced studies.

Tasmanian Education Minister Paula Wriedt says branding the University of Tasmania in the lower level of a two-tiered system would ruin its hopes of being a top-ranked research university by 2010.

Ms Wriedt has rejected the idea of specialist universities as a way of making the higher education system more efficient.

"You can't have specialisation when you only have one university in Tasmania," she said.

"And it's possible to say that you'll only be a research university or you'll only be a specialist university and only deliver these courses.

"What option does that then leave for those students in Tasmania who don't want to specialise in those areas?

"They have to leave the state - that is grossly unfair."


At 8:59 PM, November 24, 2005, Blogger randomwalker said...

TasUni is no longer in the running with the Aussie Big8 unis -- its research efforts don't merit being included


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