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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tasmania Sick Of Being Greens? Punching Bag -

Tasmania Sick Of Being Greens? Punching Bag - Bryan Green, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

The Tasmanian Government has defended the State?s brand and reputation against attack from extreme conservationists.

Infrastructure, Energy and Resources Bryan Green says Tasmanians are sick and tired of being used as a punching bag for whatever the latest environmental cause.

?Last weekend they were at it again, a handful of animal rights activists lining up at each of the TT Line terminals in Sydney, Melbourne and Devonport.

?They have become fanatical about damaging the Tasmanian brand for their causes, without the least regard for the livelihoods of ordinary Tasmanians.

?Their calculated attack on our economy was demonstrated in what

Kristi-Anna Brydon from animal Liberation New South Wales had to say on television news at the Sydney demonstration?

?We want the public to know that by supporting Tasmanians; by supporting their produce, as well as supporting the tourism industry, that they?re essentially saying that they?re okay with this poisoning going on?.

?She was referring to 1080 use.

?But in tactics straight out of the Greens? handbook of trickery and deceit, she doesn?t bother to mention Tasmania used only about eight kilograms of 1080 or less than a third of what was used in her home state.

?There?s no appreciation that the Tasmanian Government has moved to stop the use of 1080 in State forests by the end of this year.

?And there?s no acknowledgement that through the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement there will be $4 million to research and work on alternatives to 1080 for farmers and other private land owners.?

Mr Green said Tasmania was serious about minimising the use of 1080.

?How serious are other Governments around Australia which use 1080 by the truckload compared to Tasmania?

?In New South Wales about 30 kg are used each year, in Western Australia 40 kg are used, including being thrown out of aeroplanes, Queensland uses about 50 kg and New Zealand?s usage is measured in tonnes.

?We have become the environmental conscience for the country with an unparalleled conservation system.

?Yet we remain the whipping boy for these hypocritical zealots.?

Mr Green said a House of Representatives committee had approached the subject from a different perspective, recommending Tasmania reconsider its commitment to phasing out the use of 1080.

?Our commitment on 1080 in State forests stands, but until there are viable alternatives for farmers and other forest owners it will remain an option on private land as it is in all other states.?


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