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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tasmanians failing to heed anti-smoking message.

Tasmanians failing to heed anti-smoking message. 11/11/2005. ABC News Online

There are fears cancer cases are likely to rise unless Tasmanians are given more reasons to quit smoking and change their lifestyle.

The Cancer Council's Lawson Ride says Tasmanian smoking rates are still the second highest in the country and he says far more government investment is needed to put people off smoking.

In particular, he believes peer pressure among young people still promotes smoking as fashionable and glamorous.

Mr Ride says throwing more money towards a cure rather than prevention is like putting a hospital at the bottom of a cliff.

"It's very important in Tasmania because it's already under pressure in the health system," he said.

"And incidence of cancer is likely to rise unless we do address all this area where we know we can prevent a lot of cancers. It's quite phenomenal when you look at what we could do if we chose to modify our lifestyle.

"So we have got to invest in actually driving down smoking rates and getting people exercising, and eating properly, and staying out of the sun."

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