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Monday, December 05, 2005

Digital futures explored in Hobart

Digital futures explored in Hobart - Lara Giddings, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Representatives from across Australia met in Hobart today to explore the opportunities presented by digital media and next generation networking.

The Digital Futures forum was organised by Intel Australia, the Tasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre (TECC) and the Department of Economic Development.

Speaking at the official opening of the forum Minister for Economic Development Lara Giddings said the department was looking at ways to assist the growth of digital industry-based activity within the State that would complement the Tasmanian Government?s telecommunications activities.

?The TECC has also been supporting the growth of a creative new media industry cluster by providing practical assistance under the Business Development Fund.

?Intel has been actively promoting the benefits of the Tasmanian Government?s optical fibre developments and the TasCOLT projects to a number of organisations that are leading the development of digital technology, services and applications in Australia.

?This forum brings together a number of these organisations to explore opportunities to work together and to trial innovative new applications and services.

?Tasmania is developing a reputation as one of the leaders in testing and trialling next generation networking (NGN) technology.

?We hope this forum will stimulate further interest in the benefits of trialling new technologies in Tasmania.?

Ms Giddings said that Digital Futures refers to the opportunities and strategies across the digital domain.

?Digital Futures relates to businesses that supply content, networks, and devices for the benefit of consumer needs and understanding how consumers will respond to new products and services now in development.

?Digital content is increasingly shaping the communication modes of the 21st century.

?It is the digital content industry products and services that will drive the take-up of technologies across the economy in sectors as diverse as health, defence and training.?

Ms Giddings said that the digital content industry is of strategic value to Australia.

?In Tasmania we understand that our future depends on creating high-value products and services, developing unique products, and learning faster than our competitors.

?The State Government has long recognised that for Tasmania to be competitive in the modern global economy we need high quality broadband infrastructure and the Government?s ownership of the fibre backbone enables us to be more innovative in the delivery of broadband to Tasmanians.

?Tasmania is now home to several ground-breaking international trials and projects including, TasCOLT, Aurora Energy?s Broadband over Powerlines, Tasmanian Research and Education Network, and Neoteck/UNL joint venture Ubiquitous Networking R&D facility.?

The forum was also attended by officers from the Australian Government Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Topics covered include:

� An update on the State?s key infrastructure developments

� Developments in content management administration and distribution

� R&D testing and integration of test beds

� Potential commercial developments

� Application trials

It also included a presentation by Intel called Digital Futures Just Around the Corner, which outlined how Intel sees the development of creative new media in Australia.


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