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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Greens Wrong on Giant Lobster -

Greens Wrong on Giant Lobster - Judy Jackson, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Minister for Environment and Planning, Judy Jackson, today refuted comments made by the Greens Nick McKim.

?Mr McKim is fully aware of the process for developing a recovery plan under the Threatened Species Protection Act.? Ms Jackson said.

?The submission to which he refers is being considered along with approximately one hundred submissions received on the draft recovery plan from experts, industry and the general public.?

In addition, comments have been provided by the Threatened Species Community Review Committee, the independent statutory body established under the Act.

The period for public comment on the draft Recovery Plan closed in late June this year and the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment and Inland Fisheries Service are now considering the draft plan in light of the many and varied comments received.

The content of the recovery plan is not yet finalised.

?At this point I have only seen the comments made by the Committee as these comments are made directly to me as the Minster for the Act.? Ms Jackson said.

?All other submissions, including Dr Hamr?s report, are being reviewed by the Department and, once completed, the amended plan will be presented to me for my consideration before February next year.?

?How Mr McKim can make these accusations on the strength of a plan that hasn?t yet been released is beyond me.?


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