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Friday, December 23, 2005

Lesbian bus driver wins harassment payout.

Lesbian bus driver wins harassment payout. 23/12/2005. ABC News Online

Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has awarded a woman $1,200 compensation for sexual harassment she received while working as a Metro bus driver.

But the tribunal found Metro did not discriminate against her because she was a lesbian.

The former employee, whose name has been suppressed, attributed her nervous breakdown in early 2000 to harassment by co-workers.

Last year she told the tribunal a culture of homophobia existed within the bus company and she would often hear co-workers make jokes about her sexuality.

The complainant argued she had been treated differently by management because she is a lesbian, but none of the claims could be substantiated by the tribunal.

It did agree that sexually-explicit graffiti found in at least three Metro terminus toilets was directed at her and should have been removed by Metro.

It awarded the woman $1,200 compensation for the "distress, humiliation and indignity she would have endured".

The tribunal ordered Metro forward a written apology to the complainant, which it would consider.
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