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Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Big Salmon For Lake Barrington -

More Big Salmon For Lake Barrington - Steven Kons, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Primary Industries and Water Minster Steve Kons has overseen the release of 300 mature Atlantic salmon into Lake Barrington.

Mr Kons said that today?s release of fish in the 2 to 3 kg range was one in the latest batch of stockings by the Service.

?The Service has boosted its stocking of public inland waters over the past couple of years,? he said.

?Since early 2005 the Service has stocked our public inland waters with more than 63 tonnes of adult and yearling fish, including brook, rainbow and brown trout as well as Atlantic salmon.

?The increased stocking program has largely been made possible through the support of the State?s private fisheries.

?This has allowed the Service to capitalise on generous and timely donations such as these fish today, which are from 1200 salmon donated by Saltas from its surplus broodstock.

?Apart from Lake Barrington, the Service stocked 150 into each of Bradys and Brushy Lagoon yesterday, and will release a further 300 into each of Craigbourne and Meadowbank Dams over the next few days.

?Given the efforts by the Service to improve the inland recreational fishery, I encourage anglers to get the best value for their licence money and go trout fishing over the summer.

?This latest stocking effort will be timely for those people lucky enough to find some fishing gear under the Christmas tree to try out their new rig on an attractive target species.

?And who knows they, could be even luckier and bag a fish that will fit in well with the dining fare over the festive season.?

For more information, contact Rob Freeman, Inland Fisheries Service on 0419 123 733


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