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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Palm pilots to replace pen and paper in classrooms.

Palm pilots to replace pen and paper in classrooms. 07/12/2005. ABC News Online

Students in 200 schools around Victoria and Tasmania will be given hand held computers next year, as part of what is claimed to be a world-first study by the University of Tasmania.

The research will look at how students can benefit from getting maximum exposure to information technology systems.

University researchers have been given a $300,000 Australian Research Council grant to explore how a student's learning changes using palm pilots.

The hand-held computers are constantly with students and eliminate the need for text books, pens and paper.

Dr Andrew Fluck from the University of Tasmania says palm pilots give students more opportunity to use computers in the classroom.

"Most students are far happier using a keyboard then a pen for example, by having the tool with them all the time it's going to make life a lot easier," he said.

Results from the study will be passed on so governments can decide if the computer will become a permanent school feature.

The study will finish in 2008.


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