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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

bitter feud heats

Media Release

Liberal Member for Franklin
Tuesday January 17, 2006

Sturges-Bartlett bitter feud heats up

Deputy Liberal Leader Will Hodgman today laughed at the irony of Denison Labor MHA Graeme Sturges talking about so-called factional fights within the Tasmanian Greens, at a time when he is involved in a bitter battle with his Labor colleague David Bartlett.

Mr Hodgman said it was common-knowledge that Mr Sturges was furious with what he believed to be favoured treatment being dished out to Mr Bartlett by Premier Lennon, in annointing him as a pseudo-Premier during his recent holiday.

“Mr Sturges is livid that David Bartlett has been receiving teacher’-pet status from the Labor Party hierarchy and has viewed it as a direct threat to his seat in Denison, particularly because of the glowing endorsement Mr Bartlett has received for his campaign from the wife of the late Premier, Honey Bacon.

“There is no love lost at all between these two Denison Labor MHAs, who are too busy bickering amongst themselves to worry about issues such as the ongoing crisis at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

“It is telling however that Mr Sturges appears to have had a win and convinced the powers that be to let him issue a few headkicker type statements, in the place of Mr Bartlett.

“They even seem to be trying to outdo eachother in terms of the idiocy of some of their statements of recent weeks making them look like Tweedledum and Tweedledee vying for the title of who has issued the most stupid media release of the year.

“When was the last time Mr Sturges or Mr Bartlett issued a statement about the real issues in the community such as the crisis at the Royal Hobart hospital, the overcrowding in our class sizes, the appalling state of our roads and the State Labor Government’s complete lack of vision when it comes to developing road safety strategies to reduce our unacceptable road toll?”

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