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Monday, January 09, 2006

Dr Napier - I Think Not! - David Llewellyn, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Dr Napier - I Think Not! - David Llewellyn, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Deputy Premier David Llewellyn today slammed Sue Napier for her ill informed attack on West Coast doctors.
Mr Llewellyn said decisions regarding medical treatment were quite properly the preserve of treating clinicians and not politicians.
“It is a disgrace for Ms Napier to interfere in a matter of clinical judgment by claiming a doctor should have authorised an evacuation of a patient by air, when the doctor clearly didn’t believe it was necessary.
“When did Ms Napier get a Medical degree?
“I will support the clinical judgment of the dedicated doctors of the West Coast over the cheap and nasty political point scoring of the Liberals every time.
“The West Coast is well served when doctors determine that a patient needs to be moved to a larger centre for treatment.
“In fact there were two examples of air ambulance transfers last week.
“The treatment and advice provided to Mr Purtell was based on six hours of observation and assessment by a Queenstown doctor after he presented on Friday with chest pain.
“When Mr Purtell presented again on Saturday, he was again offered review by the doctor but chose instead to go to Hobart.
“That is his prerogative, but it is no reason to call the clinical judgment of the doctor into question.
“This isn’t only sad political point scoring by Ms Napier but it is downright dangerous to start questioning the judgment of doctors.
“Once again the Liberals have chased a cheap headline before asking for the facts.
“It is another example of spin over substance and it is a very sad one at that,” Mr Llewellyn said.


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