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Monday, January 23, 2006

Fears of forest face-off [24jan06]

The Mercury: Fears of forest face-off [24jan06]

"The only thing that burns cleaner than CNG, or LNG the liquefied form, is hydrogen which is still in the experimental stage.

"As boot space in most council vehicles is not a priority, the CNG tank in the boot would not be a problem and, with most vehicles used within city limits, a single refuelling station would be sufficient.

"As a fuel, natural gas would cost around 60c a litre equivalent and that means saving money at the bowser for ratepayers.

"Even the Lord Mayor's limo could be converted."

In March 2003, the Environment, Resources and Development (joint standing) Committee, chaired by Mr Parkinson, said compressed natural gas should be the preferred fuel for all government-owned vehicles, and said the State Government should take a lead in changing to CNG.

Yesterday, Mr Parkinson said he had continued to push CNG in government circles since the committee's report was released.

He said the State Government was not dragging its heels.

"I know there is a project group within Lara Gidding's [economic development department] which has been working on this in general for some time."

Mr Parkinson said a number of mainland councils had moved to introduce the technology, including -- he believed -- Liverpool and Waverley in Sydney, and the entire Brisbane bus fleet operated by Brisbane City Council was moving to become CNG powered.


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