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Sunday, January 22, 2006

future pressures on Tasmanian economy

Shadow Minister for Economic Development
Monday, 23 January 2006

Access Economics warns of future pressures on Tasmanian economy

The September Quarter 2005 Access Economics Business Outlook warns of the future pressure that the Tasmanian economy will face with population, house prices and retail under threat as house prices stabilise, jobs growth easing and interstate migration ‘starting to come a cropper’, which reiterates the need for the State Labor Government to have a plan to Secure the Economy.

Shadow Economic Development Minister Will Hodgman said the latest Access Economics report also warns that recent economic growth may not be sustainable which highlights the long held view of the State Liberal Team which we are addressing in our plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

“Like many States and regions of Australia, Tasmania has benefited from a strong national economy and record GST windfalls. We have had some positive gains from the economic sunshine that Tasmania has been blessed with, however the report’s concerns about sustainability must be addressed.

“With many of the economic drivers now appearing to be losing momentum, urgent attention is needed to stimulate population increase, maintain property growth and to generate jobs.

“Tasmania must accept the findings of the business outlook report and not take the State Government’s approach to simply ignore the warnings of challenges ahead.

“The uncertainty regarding a sustainable economic future require the Economic Development Minister Lara Giddings who is now being likened to Paris Hilton due to her infatuation with the camera lens, to focus on outlining a comprehensive vision and strategy to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

“As the State Liberal Team is making clear, Tasmania needs a plan for Securing Tasmania’s Future, and we are delivering a plan to Secure our Economy which includes:

· The total abolition of land tax, to generate new investment and jobs;

· Providing a better business environment with lower taxes;
· Providing a Plan for Tasmania’s Building Industry;
· Establishing a Major Projects Facilitation Unit to ensure better management and facilitation of major developments;
· A business and skills attraction campaign;
· A long term infrastructure blueprint;
· An overarching international strategy for the State;
· Enhancing economic opportunities with China;
· Boosting Tasmania’s population through skilled migration;
· A Come Home to Tasmania marketing campaign;
· Industry focussed scholarships to tackle skills shortages;
· A Young Farmers Future Fund;
· Tripling funding for Brand Tasmania;
· Boosting resources for Water Development;
· Boosting International Tourism Marketing;
· Keeping the Budget in Surplus; and much more, with more to be announced between now and the next election.

“The State Liberal Team have also all signed a guarantee that we will not govern in minority with the Greens or anyone else, which is something that the Lennon Labor Government and their candidates have not been able or willing to do in the lead up to this years State election,” said Mr Hodgman.

For more information, please contact:
Patrick Clancy (03) 6233 2505 or 0411 279 252


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