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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Tasmanian Greens ...Media Release

The Tasmanian Greens today said that key areas for action on the Tasmanian economy emerging from the latest Tasmanian Survey of Business Expectations are the need for increased investment in education and training to improve the availability of suitably qualified employees and managers, to address the constraints on business growth imposed by high insurance costs, and to assure the future of rail freight services.

Greens Opposition Leader Peg Putt MHA said the Greens have policies focusing on these areas as priorities and dismissed the implied anti-Greens stance of the TCCI, saying that the Greens emphasis on achieving these key results for the economy will be helpful in pushing a new government to get serious about tackling them.

“The Greens strongly support a transition to a clean, green and clever economy which means that we recognise the constraints on growing a knowledge-based economy posed by the lack of suitably qualified employees and managers and are making a policy push for improved education and training opportunities,” Ms Putt said.

“Also a constraint on economic growth is the high cost of insurance, and here the Greens propose to cut stamp duties on insurances which will assist business and increase safety.”

“Another area of concern for the future of our economy is transport, particularly the future of rail freight, and again the Greens are pushing for a result that ensures these vital services remain.”

“I differ with the TCCI over the role of the Greens in promoting a strong economy, because our push for training, for tax cuts to stamp duty on insurances, and for retention of rail freight services will reinforce the political will of the other political parties to deliver on these areas.”

“No other party has outlined a plan to cut stamp duties on insurances, despite a push by business and consumer groups.”


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