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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Government Assistance for Valuable Project Urged

The Tasmanian Greens today congratulated Craig Webb for his extraordinary determination and vision in creating the Raptor rescue facility at Kettering, on the occasion of the release of a rehabilitated sea eagle.

Greens Opposition Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MHA, who attended today’s event, said that Mr Webb’s vision of a rehabilitation centre for wounded Raptors has evolved over a number of years and has resulted in rehabilitation of many eagles and their subsequent release back into the wild.

Mr Webb’s work has recently been recognised with a grant by the Tasmanian community fund to improve the facility.

“Craig Webb sets a positive example through direct action that the government could do well to follow,” Mr Booth said.

“Craig’s actions speak louder than words and stand in stark contrast to the position taken by the Labor government, who continue to encourage habitat destruction of this iconic species.”

“There is a desperate need for the government to get involved and provide further financial assistance to ensure that this and other similar projects can continue their valuable work.”

“These majestic birds are an icon that must be protected and preserved for future generations.”

“We are all diminished as Tasmanians, by the Lennon governments policies, which result in destruction of Raptor habitat and the real likelihood of extinction of the wedge tailed Eagle in the North East, in just a few short years, if current forestry practices continue” said Mr Booth

“Not only that, but Lennon Labor voted down the greens amendment to the Animal Welfare Act 1993, which would have made it illegal to possess working traps. The irony being, that many of Craig’s patients are victims of those same leg hold traps, that the government refuses to outlaw”

“So we have this extraordinary situation of the government being part of the problem when they must be part of the solution.”

“This is ethically wrong and the government must show leadership and ban working leg hold traps as well as urgently protecting raptor habitat,” Mr Booth said.


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