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Monday, January 16, 2006

Hidding in Hiding!! - Graeme Sturges, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Hidding in Hiding!! - Graeme Sturges, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Member for Denison Graeme Sturges today called on Rene Hidding to front the Tasmanian people and explain his all expenses paid free trip to Taiwan.

“It was funny watching Michael Hodgman attack the Premier last night instead of Mr Hidding.

“Is it that the Liberal party and their chief spindoctor Damian Mantach have gagged Mr Hidding from facing the music publicly for fear of digging a bigger hole?

“Mr Hidding has a “cheek” to publicly criticise the Premier and then hide under a rock from explaining the details of his all expenses paid jaunt to Taiwan.

“Mr Hidding must come out today and answer the following questions or his name will be “bankrupted” right throughout the Tasmanian community.

“Mr Hidding told Parliament – “For about five days in Taiwan I worked very hard on behalf of the fishing industry in Tasmania, the maritime college in Launceston.”

“How come no one is the fishing industry knew about the trip and no one in the industry has heard results from the trip?

“Has Mr Hidding spent the last couple of days frantically contacting people in the fishing industry to cover himself?

“Where did Mr Hidding stay? Who paid? What was the accommodation like? What was the trip actually for? What were his expenses? What, if anything, have you promised those who payed for the trip?

“Mr Hidding claims he wasn’t there doing business with the Taiwanese Government, then why did Mr Gutwein tell parliament that Mr Hidding had secured a multi-million dollar deal for Tasmania?

“Who is this deal with and what is the deal?

“These are simple questions that could clear up this matter and Mr Hidding needs to come out today and do just that,” Mr Sturges said.

Further information: Tasmanian Govern


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