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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hodgman short sighted on Tasmanian public servants - Lara Giddings, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Hodgman short sighted on Tasmanian public servants - Lara Giddings, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Will Hodgman has today stooped to a new low in attacking a professional development program for staff of the Department of Economic Development.

Minister for Economic Development Lara Giddings said she has full confidence in the ability of the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development Norm McIlfatrick to select appropriate training programs for the effective professional development of departmental staff.

“The two leadership programs will be run over the next two years and are aimed at the department’s senior leadership group as well as other emerging frontline leaders.

“The Department of Economic Development is the State’s key development agency with responsibility to ensure we are providing Tasmanian industries and businesses with the leadership they need to succeed into the future.

“As such it’s important that the staff in my department have the best training to provide the best possible service to Tasmanian businesses.

“It seems odd that Mr Hodgman would suggest that Tasmanian businesses should not have access to highly qualified public servants.

“Mr Hodgman makes much of the amount spent on these training programs, which are simply a part of the Department’s normal budgeted training program.”

The Department of Economic Development Secretary Norm McIlfatrick said the Department’s internal leadership programs are an operational matter.

“I am responsible for the development of the staff of this department and I strongly believe in the importance of strategic leadership development for the team.

“This will be the first of many such programs that we will undertake and is part of a wider strategy to enhance the skill profile of the department.

“I know from my experience as CEO of Aurora Energy how effective these programs can be.

“While Dattner Grant is the successful tenderer for the programs, the details of the final contract are currently being negotiated and the figure quoted is an estimated value only at this stage.”

Minister Lara Giddings said that while this particular program works with the staff of Economic Development, the Government is supportive of such programs and is developing the Tasmanian Leaders’ Program which will identify, promote and develop young Tasmanians with high leadership potential.

“It will be deliberately cross-sector, internationally diverse and will include participants from the public and private sector, large and small enterprises, trade unions and other important advocacy groups, community organisations as well as voluntary agencies.

“Through this process, in time, these skills will directly benefit organisations throughout the State.”


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