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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Judy's 'warble' gets a cheer

Judy's 'warble' gets a cheer

FEDERAL Labor MP Harry Quick says state Attorney-General Judy Jackson appears to be taking a last chance to right a few wrongs before bowing out of politics.

In an interview published in Launceston's Examiner newspaper yesterday, Ms Jackson, who will not be contesting the next state election, said late premier Jim Bacon was not liked by many of his political colleagues.

She said Premier Paul Lennon was the only caucus member who had a good relationship with Mr Bacon.

"He didn't have a good relationship with most people," Ms Jackson said.

"And I tell you that is not unusual in leaders."

Mr Quick said Ms Jackson seemed to want to put a few comments on the public record before leaving.

"It sounds to me like Judy's the fat lady singing now," he said.

"This is the final warble from an attorney-general people seem to be having a bit of a go at."

No other member of the Labor Government wanted to comment yesterday but government spokesman Tony Scott said it was no secret Ms Jackson and Mr Bacon rarely saw eye to eye.

"These are purely her views and she is not representing anyone else," Mr Scott said.

In the interview Ms Jackson also revealed Mr Bacon tried to strip her of the attorney-general portfolio in September 2003.

Mr Quick was not surprised by the revelation.

"Attorney-general's a pretty easy cop in Tasmania, really," he said.

"You don't have to argue the toss much. She's done some good things but most of them, like the human rights issue, were a given and the only one she really had to argue for was the brothels issue.

"And in the health portfolio she was pushing it uphill just like David [Llewellyn] is."


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