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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Liberal Spending Smoke Screen - David Bartlett, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Liberal Spending Smoke Screen - David Bartlett, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

The Tasmanian Liberals are trying to hide $800 million in unfunded election promises by accusing Tasmanian public servants of fraud.

Labor Member for Denison David Bartlett MHA said the State Liberals are prepared to resort to any form of political trickery to draw attention away from their financial recklessness.

“Mr Whiteley has today accused the State’s public servants of fraudulent use of credit cards,” Mr Bartlett said.

“While the Auditor General found in April last year that some guidelines in relation to the use of credit cards had not been fully complied with, he found no evidence of fraud.

“Since then the State Government has acted on the recommendations of the Auditor General and revised the relevant Treasurer’s instructions relating to credit card use.

“Not only has Mr Whiteley missed the boat and is not aware of the action taken by the State Government, he has twisted the Auditor General’s findings to outrageously slander honest and hard working Public Servants who provide services to their fellow Tasmanians.

Mr Bartlett said this latest tactic shows how desperate the Tasmanian Liberals are to divert attention away from their unfunded election commitments.

“Brett’s bankrupt budgeting has led the Tasmanian Liberals to make election promises of $800 million already, with no plan as to how these promises will be paid for,” Mr Bartlett said.

“So the Liberals have taken the easy option. Instead of producing a fully costed set of proposals they have attacked State public servants in an attempt to draw attention away from the fact that if elected, the State Liberals will bankrupt Tasmania again.

“When last in office the Liberals left this State on the brink of bankruptcy and their reckless spending commitments show they’d take us straight back there,” Mr Bartlett said.

“How will they pay for these promises?

“There are only a handful of options – raising taxes, cutting services (which is code for sacking public servants), sending us back into debt, raiding funds earmarked for purposes such as public servants’ superannuation or embarking on a sell-off of assets.

“The report Mr Whiteley is referring to is nearly a year old, and this latest beat up is just further proof of how desperate the Liberals are to divert attention from their unfunded promises.

“It’s time Mr Whiteley explained how the State Liberals will fund the $800 million they’ve already promised to spend.

“It’s also time Mr Whiteley apologised to the State’s public servants.”


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