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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Liberals Running True To Form And Running On Empty - Bryan Green, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Liberals Running True To Form And Running On Empty - Bryan Green, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Infrastructure, Energy and Resources Minister Bryan Green has cautioned people about placing too much store in the latest promises from the Liberal spending spree.

Mr Green said there was no denying the traffic management needs south of Hobart.

“That’s why I commissioned the Kingston and Environs Traffic Study in the first place.

“It provides a strategic base on which to consider priorities for the Kingston area and where they fit into a Statewide roads program.

Mr Green said that rational approach compares with a grab bag of road works promises based completely on opportunism.

“We had the unseemly announcement of $20 million for the Lyell Highway immediately after a fatal accident.

“That figure was apparently plucked out of the air as even the RACT says the work could be done for less.

“A similar amount was promised for the West Tamar after some community debate.

“And now $35 million for Kingston’s bypass must push the Liberals’ promised funding to well over $800 million.

“But this latest promise could well be hollow, as it has included no mention of when the staged five-year project would start.

“Is it that even the Liberals have started to realise they might have difficulty paying for the promises?

“The community needs to weigh up if it’s worth risking the Liberal spendthrift approach, which during their last stint of minority government virtually bankrupted Tasmania.

“The point, is promised projects have to be paid for. Would the Liberals do that by sacking nurses again or selling off vital hospital equipment, or would they choose to close schools and police stations?

“Meanwhile, Labor has taken a considered and strategic approach to rebuild the State economy by living within its means.

“That has extended to a comprehensive rolling program of roadworks based on Statewide priorities.”

Further information: Tasmanian


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