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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

million State blackspot

Media Release

Leader of the State Opposition
Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Labor should adopt Liberal policy for $2 million State blackspot program

Leader of the State Opposition, Rene Hidding today called on the Lennon Labor Government to heeds the calls of the RACT and adopt the State Liberal policy of establishing a $2 million State traffic blackspot program, to complement the successful Federal Government program.

The plan, announced last year as part of the State Liberals’ Foundation Plan for Securing Tasmania’s Future, is one of a range of road safety initiatives unveiled by the State Liberal Team to date targeting road safety.

Mr Hidding said a Hidding Liberal Government would allocate $2 million every year from speed camera revenue into a new traffic blackspot program to target dangerous intersections and stretches of road, providing a significant boost to road safety.

“This commitment to a Statewide traffic blackspot program is supported by the RACT and has also been welcomed by local government authorities,” Mr Hidding said.

“The Federal blackspot program has been a huge success, with the State Government itself finding a 54 per cent drop in crashes at sites targeted by the program. There is no reason why a similar State Government traffic blackspot program can’t be established to assist in further reducing road accidents.

“The State Government should be trying to replicate this success at a much greater number of sites, through its own blackspot program, as the RACT has been calling on it to do for the past three years.

“Every road accident prevented saves the community untold human and health costs, and it is high time the State Labor Government started investing some of its speed camera fine and GST revenue windfalls into making our roads safer.”

Mr Hidding said that a Statewide blackspot program would be accompanied by a number of road safety initiatives under a Hidding Liberal Government including:
· diverting every cent raised from speed cameras into road safety initiatives;
· major new funding for Lyell and West Tamar Highways, the Kingston Bypass and for Hobart’s Eastern Shore Roads;
· signing up to the Federal Government’s P Plate driver education program;
· cracking down on drivers without a driver’s licence or driving an unregistered vehicle; compulsory driver education for drivers who lose their licences; and
· establishing a new streamlined Road Safety Authority.


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