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Monday, January 16, 2006

Putt plans power push

Putt plans power push
GREENS leader Peg Putt wants to be deputy premier in a coalition government with Labor in the event of a hung parliament.

Ms Putt said yesterday her party was already planning how best to claim power alongside the Lennon Government if none of the three major parties wins a majority.

We want a role that will allow us to implement our policy platforms."

Such a scenario is possible after recent voter polls suggest the Lennon Government may not win the 13 Lower House seats needed to govern in its own right.

The Greens are confident of winning six seats in the Lower House -- two more than they hold.

The Liberals have vowed not to enter into any coalition to govern
The Greens would also want to snare several key ministerial positions within any coalition cabinet, with the environment portfolio an obvious prize.

Ms Putt said a coalition agreement with Labor would only be acceptable if it gave the Greens several portfolios and a serious say in how Tasmania was governed.

"We're not talking about loony-tune stuff here, we're talking real politics," Ms Putt said.


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