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Monday, January 16, 2006

Sue Napier Telling Porkies Again - Graeme Sturges, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Sue Napier Telling Porkies Again - Graeme Sturges, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Member for Denison Graeme Sturges today said 600 Nurses sacked, vital hospital equipment sold off and a Health System brought to the brink of ruin are the only health legacies Sue Napier brings to the Tasmanian people.

“Sue Napier has an awful track record when it comes to health and her call for the release of waiting lists figures today is further evidence of her rampant lust for a cheap headline to distract from her own failings.

“Ms Napier was Deputy Premier when the Liberals crippled the health system. She is taking Tasmanians for fools if she thinks she can persuade them she has anything to offer now.

“Contrary to Ms Napier’s record of dishonesty and destruction, Health Minister David Llewellyn is as upfront and honest as you can get when it comes to the health system.

“The waiting lists figures will be released this month as usual and in the normal way as soon as the Health Minister gets them.

“Once again Ms Napier has plucked the 18% figure from thin air in an effort to spin the truth and no one is fooled by it.

“As proven before, this figure is Ms Napier trying to hide her own diabolical failure as Deputy Premier 8 years ago.

“When in power the Liberals did anything and everything to cover up waiting lists figures, for example Ms Napier never counted the sold off Mersey hospital in her figures.

“She ripped the health system apart 8 years ago and no matter how much spin she can muster, no one is going to be fooled by her diatribe now.

“The Liberals have made hundreds of millions if dollars worth of unfunded promises but haven’t committed a single cent on Health

“That’s because the only thing Ms Napier can do is carp from the sidelines as she is bereft of ideas of her own.”

Mr Sturges said that contrary to the Napier claims, the Labor Government has the Health System on the mend after the Liberals and Ms Napier deliberately ran it into the ground.

“The facts speak for themselves. Labor has increased health funding by $455 million-a-year compared to the Liberal-Green government.

“Labor has put health funding back on a sustainable basis after the Liberal Government resorted to plundering money held in trust funds - for purposes such as cancer treatment – to prop up their health budget.

“Labor has employed an extra 180 doctors and 530 nurses in the State’s public health system, while the Liberal government sacked 600 nurses, among 812 health workers retrenched in 1996-97 alone.

“Labor is spending $200 million a year more on the State’s hospitals than the Liberal government, including almost $100 million a year more on the Royal Hobart Hospital alone.

“Labor has committed $52 million more to the Launceston General Hospital and $45 million more to the North-West Regional Hospital.

“Labor has brought the Mersey Hospital back under Government control after the Liberals sold it to the private sector.

“Labor has re-opened hospital beds at the Repat, which the Liberals shut down.

“Labor is creating more room at the Royal by building a new Department of Emergency Medicine, new theatres and specialist care facilities for children, while the Liberals sold a quarter of the hospital.”


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