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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Surfers making waves on film

Surfers making waves on film : "AFTER years of chasing waves around the state and the globe's wild coastlines, two local surfers decided to put their adventures on film.

Dustin Hollick and Jy Johanesson recently released Sections, a Tasmanian surfing DVD filmed on location in Tasmania, the Gold Coast, Sydney and in Indonesia.

Viewers get a magical 'surfer's eye' view of what it is like to ride the waves, with stunning footage captured on cameras close to the monster waves.

Hollick, 27, and Johanesson, 22, filmed, produced and edited the DVD and they also feature in the film with other local surfers.

Hollick said it was the first surf DVD to come out of Tasmania.

'It's isolated here and we think this is a great way to showcase our talents,' he said.

'We will keep putting local surfers on our videos to help kickstart their careers.'

As well as surfing and a wipe-out section, the DVD features skating and motocross and its humour has a local flavour.

They filmed each other and friends on trips last year.

Hollick's interest in filming began while he was recovering from a broken foot last May and he is currently discussing a surfing lifestyle movie with Roar films.

The duo both work cleaning cars plus other jobs to fund their surfing "


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