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Monday, January 23, 2006

Tasmanian Greens ...Media Release


Sturges Out of Date on Greens’ Current Policy Review
The Tasmanian Greens today described as desperate muck-raking a media statement issued by Denison backbencher Graeme Sturges which they say mirrors Family First’s discredited federal election misinformation campaign on the National Greens’ Drug policy.

Greens Opposition Leader Peg Putt MHA reiterated that the State Green Policy Platform of 2002, which they took to that State election, is currently being reviewed and updated as is standard practice for all political parties between elections.

“Labor is indulging in a fear and smear campaign and Mr Sturges should be ashamed of himself for repeating discredited fabrications previously spouted by Family First,” Ms Putt said.

“The Greens have recently revised our State Drug Policy, as part of our overall platform review process, in order to clarify aspects which were maliciously being taken out of context by other political parties.”

“The Greens Drug Policy is to impose criminal sanctions on drug dealers, and to require diversionary programs and community treatment orders in response to personal drug use.”

“This essentially reflects the status quo in Tasmania, and recognises that personal users need to be confronted with their problem and also assisted away from drug use.”

“The Greens would never dream of supplying drugs to children or anyone else, and are appalled by the very notion of a ‘drugs free for all’, and are sickened that any political party would stoop so low as to make such outrageous claims.”

“The Greens recognise, as does the current Labor government as demonstrated by its current actions, that small time users should be put through diversionary programs under community treatment orders to try and end their drug use.”

“We understand that personal drug use is a very serious health issue and would treat it as such, however drug dealers are another kettle of fish who prey on others and deserve the full weight of criminal sanctions.”

“Voters should be warned that they will see more of these gutter tactics from the Lennon government which has been given the go-ahead by the Premier to indulge in fear, smear and misrepresentation over Greens’ policy, and who will come up with all sorts of ludicrous and extreme claims rather than focus upon real issues facing Tasmanians now.”

“There are Greens’ Members of Parliament themselves who have children and are very aware of the dangers that drugs can pose for young people and as parents are committed to promoting a safe and healthy Tasmania.”

Ms Putt also pointed out that all the Greens’ policies are currently under review and will be announced between now and the election, and that the Drugs policy is as stated in this media release.

“Mr Sturges is quite behind the eight-ball here as the Tasmanian Greens website clearly states that the Policy Platform which we took to the 2002 state election is currently being reviewed and updated, as some have naturally become out of date over the last four years.”

“I challenge Graeme Sturges to stop muck-raking and start trying instead to get the Premier focused on spending money on health and housing instead of horses,” Ms Putt said.


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