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Friday, January 20, 2006

Visitors Should 'Expect The Unexpected' - Bryan Green, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

Visitors Should 'Expect The Unexpected' - Bryan Green, MHA - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

The State Government has reinforced the importance of campaigns designed to alert visitors driving on Tasmanian roads to the fact that they should ‘expect the unexpected’.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Bryan Green, said of the 50 people killed on Tasmanian roads last year seven were not locals.

“Of course it’s not necessarily visitors’ lack of familiarity with our roads that was behind the fatalities in every instance.

“However, the State’s undulating and often rugged terrain results in winding roads, which are very different to the multi-lane freeways many of our visitors are used to driving on.

“It is especially important to allow extra time for a journey which might not seem a great distance when glancing at a map, but, in reality, can take longer than a comparable journey in other states or countries,” he said.

With the three Spirit of Tasmania ships bringing large numbers of interstate and overseas visitors to the State each day, Mr Green also urged local motorists to extend some extra courtesy.

“If you see a hire car or one with interstate licence plates, bear in mind that the driver may not be familiar with Tasmanian driving conditions – so a little extra patience and courtesy is a good policy.”

He commended initiatives such as the Kentish municipality’s tourist awareness package.

“The package includes drink coasters with the slogan, ‘Crash in our Beds ……. not our Roads’; strip safety messages for accommodation visitor book stands; local area maps with a safety message; and messages designed for inclusion in local tourist newspapers or brochures.”

Mr Green said a flyer, jointly produced by the Road Safety Task Force and Tourism Tasmania and aimed at making a holiday in Tasmania safer and more enjoyable for visitors, had been distributed to tourist outlets around the State, RACT offices, car rental companies and the TT-Line.

As well, a video entitled ‘Expect the Unexpected’ had been produced for screening on the Spirits.

The last State Budget also allocated $330,000 to upgrade roadside signage on targeted tourist routes.


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