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Monday, February 06, 2006

Cassy O'Connor -- A Voyage to Green Land

The story so far

PART IV -- Fallacies & Fantasies

1. Committed Greens draw ALP salaries?

Drawing a salary as a wonk in a Fed ALP-MHR's office and presumably working for Duncan's re-election. This is the mark of a committed Green? More like a touch of the Cheryl's and Julian's.

2. Trail Blazing Ralph's Bay Campaigner?

Single-handedly running Walker Corpse out of town --- whoops -- they didn't even have an office in Hobart; now THERE was a committed developer who wilted when faced-down by a lay-down misere nimby campaign; especially when you have a Hodgman [et fils] concurrence

3.Representative Democracy or Absentee Opportunist?

Talking about backyards, it's a shame Cassy's is in Franklin and not in Denison --- it will be a long commute in the Caprice – but then again you can get your driver to do the shopping as is Ms Peggy's want.

4.Look to The Hobart Mercury for your political guidance, insights, (& friends?)

Is it a particular Hobartian delusion, that sees people believing all political news & commentary in Tas ( south of 43 degrees latitude at least) starts and ends in the Mercury? This sad little rag is populated by NewsCorpse no-hoper journos who can't (or won't) write beyond a rehashed media release.


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