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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Fear and Smear from Vested Interests is Predictable Self Interest
The Tasmanian Greens today challenged a ‘fear and smear’ campaign which claims adverse effects on Tasmania’s economy if a balance-of-power Parliament is returned, and reminded of the important role of the Greens in contributing to Tasmania’s economic renaissance, particularly in allowing the debt reduction strategy to occur.

Greens Opposition Leader Peg Putt MHA said that the Greens stand for open, honest and accountable government with an end to secret backroom deals and scandalous involvement of decision makers in receiving free hospitality, such as the Crown Casino upgrade, whilst negotiating on behalf of Tasmania.

Ms Putt said that the Greens were proud of their responsible approach to Tasmania’s economy, both in the past and going forward, mentioning in particular:

Clean and Green

The Greens push over two decades to diversify Tasmanian’s economy, as a result now built largely on our natural assets and our ‘clean green’ brand and much more resilient than in the late 1980s when resource exploitation by a few was the focus;
Debt Reduction

The Greens enabled and supported the Field government, and the subsequent minority Liberal government in 1996-98, to undertake belt-tightening to reduce massive state debt – this could not have happened without Greens support of those Budgets during Balance-of-Power periods;
Open, Honest, Accountable Decisions

The Greens would end secret back room deals with corporate mates, which treat Parliament like a rubber stamp and shut small business out of the running, and would insist on Ministerial standards which end scandals like the Crown Casino upgrade and the consequent misleading of Parliament;
Responsible, Reasonable Budget Management

The Greens have demonstrated their capacity to deliver a fully costed and funded Alternative Budget which funds vital areas in health, housing, primary industries, and protected areas management which went begging under Lennon Labor.
“The Greens did all the hard yards to secure a diversification of the Tasmanian economy to become clean and green and we can rightly take credit for an economy which is now much more resilient and largely built upon appreciation of our natural assets rather than their destruction.” Ms Putt said.

“Our responsible approach to Tasmania’s economy is also demonstrated by our role in enabling the debt reduction strategy to occur, because it would not have happened without our continued support for each and every Government Budget during two different balance-of-power Parliaments.”

“Looking forward, you can count on the Greens to restore honesty, openness and accountability to government decision making and to do away with the cronyism involved in secret backroom deals with a select few corporate mates which is the hallmark of Labor under Lennon.”

“We will make sure that there is a level playing field in access to government which does not shut out worthy small business, that Parliament is not treated simply as a rubber stamp, and the sickening spectacle of Ministers with their snouts in the trough whilst doing deals on behalf of Tasmania is ended.

“We have clearly shown our competence in Budget Management by producing our fully costed and funded Alternative Budget which shows that the sky would not fall and that battlers would be better looked after by the Greens.”

“The bleating about the evils of balance-of-power government, which deliberately use the emotive and negative term ‘hung parliament’, can be seen as a rearguard action by vested interests who are on a good wicket with their mates deals with Lennon and fear greater public accountability.”


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