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Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Strategic Plan for Mental Health Services

Deputy Premier David Llewellyn today officially launched a new Statewide blueprint to frame development of Tasmania’s mental health services for the next five years.

Mr Llewellyn said the Mental Health Services Strategic Plan 2006 – 2011 partners … towards recovery was an important milestone in the Government’s aim to make Tasmania the benchmark for mental health service development in Australia.

“The Government has committed an additional $100 million over four years for mental health, including $47 million for service expansion and reform to implement the findings of the Bridging the Gap review.

“The Strategic Plan will ensure that these additional resources are used effectively and efficiently to deliver more and better services for Tasmanians living with a mental illness.

“The plan will deliver a model of care that is centred on consumers, promotes their recovery, and is available to all Tasmanians wherever they live.

“There will also be an increase in support services provided by the non government sector and better coordination between Mental Health Services and other organisations such as housing, Centrelink, employment and training providers, emergency services, and other counselling services.

“Implementation of the plan over the next five years will put Tasmania at the forefront of Australian mental health services.

“For consumers it will mean:

Ø More and better services delivered where they are needed;

Ø A new partnership between government and the non-government sector to deliver client services;

Ø Integrated, cohesive services with no more gaps;

Ø Consumer-focused services aimed at recovery, not just treatment; and

Ø Individual service plans for all consumers, tailored to their individual needs.

“For mental health staff, the Strategic Plan means increased recognition and greater job satisfaction.

“It’s an exciting vision, and the task in front of us now is to put it into action.

“I am confident that if we continue to work together as partners … towards recovery will make a huge difference to the lives of Tasmanians living with a mental illness.”

Further information: Tasmanian Government Communications Unit
Phone: (03) 6233 6573

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