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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Tasmanian Greens ...Media Release

Win Win For Environment and Economy
The Tasmanian Greens today launched their Protected Areas policy on the occasion of the celebration of the rescue of the NE peninsula of Recherche Bay, making a commitment to protect other places of outstanding natural and cultural values, saying the Recherche Bay example illustrates that conservation can be a win win solution which contributes to economic development in tourism whilst acquitting our obligations to safeguard our tremendous natural assets for the future.

Greens Opposition Leader, Peg Putt MHA, said the Greens would also put increased resources into on ground management of reserves, create new marine reserves, and refocus development in reserves towards interpretation facilities, nature education and eco-tourism and away from resorts.

“Tasmania’s extraordinary natural assets are highly regarded internationally and the Greens stand for the best possible protection of those wild places of high conservation and heritage values which are still unprotected and under threat,” Ms Putt said.

“We believe it is of the highest priority for this generation to create a management system which provides enduring protection in the interests of nature itself, and in the interests of all future generations.”

“While our reserves are created primarily for ecological reasons, they will, with sensitive management, also be an enduring economic asset.”

“A key threat to the integrity of our reserves and wilderness is attrition of natural values through creeping development, particularly under policies of government which allow private resort development inside rather than locating these in nearby towns and in areas adjacent to reserves.”

Key points of the Greens' Protected Areas, World Heritage and Wilderness Policy are:

þ Create new National Parks and reserves to protect the Tarkine, threatened forests fringing the World Heritage Area including the middle Weld, Styx, Great Western Tiers, also protect Blue Tier and north-east highlands, Weilangta, Leven Canyon and Black Bluff, and Ralphs Bay

þ Incorporate all areas with identified world heritage values within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

þ Prioritise reserves management towards protection of natural and cultural values

þ Focus development inside reserves around interpretation facilities, nature education, and eco-tourism, rather than resorts and large scale accommodation

þ Create new marine reserves utilising the Tasmanian Marine Protected Areas Strategy, to eventually secure representation of all marine bioregions

þ Increase funding and resources to reserves management and employ additional on ground staff, including rangers, including creation of a marine reserves management unit.

“As the example of Recherche Bay illustrates, we can do the right thing by protecting our superb wild places, forests and landscapes, keeping them secure for future generations, and this can be a win win outcome as regional tourism blossoms and local employment and economies benefit.”

“Tasmania’s extraordinary natural assets must be acknowledged as the fundamental resource which underpins our clean, green image and future economic direction,” Ms Putt concluded.


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