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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Talk about maximum exposure! [01mar06]

The Mercury: Talk about maximum exposure! [01mar06]

UPMARKET Salamanca bar The Quarry is building a strong regular clientele and a reputation for its classy design, but the feature that has the town talking is the toilet.

The wall of the men's urinal is a one-way mirror to the courtyard outside, allowing the user to see the punters on the other side, but they cannot see in.

Quarry licensee Justin Parr said the idea came from a toilet in a Hong Kong bar.

"It's a bit of a laugh and it's also a design feature," he said.

"To a degree it's created a big talking point around the town and it's been very well received in a positive tongue-in-cheek way."

Some guys have reported feeling initial stage fright when they see people sitting on the other side of the glass, but the novelty usually overrides the anxiety.

And some women have also been surprised to learn that on the other side of the mirror they had been using to check their make-up was a man looking back at them.

But Mr Parr said the intention was simply to create fun, a talking point and an unusual feature.

"We're a talking point at the moment because we're a new venue and we'll enjoy that while it lasts," he said.

"The point of difference, we would argue, is our service, our menu, our drinks menu and our fitout -- and part of that fitout includes the toilet.

"There's been many surprised faces coming out of there."

The new venue, formerly Zum Cafe, opened just before last Christmas after six months of redevelopment.


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