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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tas election about 'managing economic prosperity'. 20/02/2006. ABC News Online

Tas election about 'managing economic prosperity'. 20/02/2006. ABC News Online

The ANZ's chief economist has told a gathering of business leaders in Hobart that this Tasmanian election campaign will be unlike any other in terms of the economy.

Saul Eslake says the state's economy has done remarkably well, due in part to good economic management.

He says that management began in the last year of the Rundle government and was then carried on by the Bacon and Lennon led Labor Governments.

He says this election should be about how to manage and sustain Tasmania's improved economic performance.

"The last four or five elections have been about how to manage adversity ... this election on the other hand ought to be about how to manage prosperity and how best to sustain the much improved economic performance," he said.

Meanwhile the Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TASCOSS) has released a list of election demands worth $115 million, calling on the parties to make written commitments to fund them.

The 16 demands involve affordable housing, electricity concessions and transport, through to appointing an employment minister.

Chief executive Mat Rowell says there are two Tasmanias - one benefiting from an improved economy and the other worse off now than eight years ago when Labor came to power.

"There's quite a large divide between those two groups, so we still have over 3,000 people on public housing waiting lists, we still have over 10,000 Tasmanians who've been out of work for over one year," he said.

"So we know that there's a range of Tasmanians who, despite the increased economic prosperity the state's experiencing are really struggling to make ends meet."

TASCOSS has given the political parties two weeks to respond to its demands.

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