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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tasmanian Greens ...Media Release

Access To Employment, Education, Health
Tasmanian Greens lead candidate for Braddon, Paul O’Halloran has announced the Greens election initiative to invest $500 000 into funding a feasibility study into the introduction of light passenger rail services on the North West Coast.

“Today’s election commitment to invest $500 000 for a feasibility study into the development of light passenger rail on the north west coast is an example of practical solutions to overcome some of the access problems faced by many in the community, and which will also boost our economy,” Mr O’Halloran said.

“Should a light passenger rail service be considered feasible by the study, the Greens believe that such a development will allow people to get to the services they need, to attend the educational institution they choose, and to open up their ability to take up jobs.” promised Mr O’Halloran.

“Potentially the economic benefits for the North West Coast will be enormous.”

“Employers will be able to select from a wider pool of job applicants, allowing them to better match skills to employment needs. It will allow businesses to trade their wares to a wider coastal market, and hospitality and recreational sectors would also benefit from increased market size.”

“You could hop on the rail to visit nanna in hospital, you could take the job in the next town, and you could take the kids to the footy - this will enable people to participate more fully within their community.”

“The environment would also benefit from this initiative with lower greenhouse gas emissions combined with the lower number of vehicles on the roads will have a dramatic impact on road safety.”

“The household budget would also save from this initiative given that the oil prices are on an upwards trend, public transport also allows families to lower their fuel bills.”

“Community agency groups such as TasCoss have also identified the need for accessible and affordable public transport options around the state as an investment into breaking the poverty cycle and breaking down the barriers preventing people from participating fully in their communities,” Mr O’Halloran said.


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