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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yeah, right Zygo

Yeah, right Zygo ... You’re making things up, or maybe - like Graeme Sturges - just regurgitating a Greg Barns’ spray from November last year.

Possibly you didn’t read my subsequent mercuryedletter response to the series of untruths he published about my pre-selection.

I went through the same pre-selection process as every other hopeful Tasmanian Green candidate. I handed in my nomination form on September 30. In it I answered a series of questions - the same as every other hopeful Green candidate.

Because there is a rigorous process to be followed - one that has to satisfy the party executive - I was given no assurances by the Tas Greens. Having, also on September 30, left a great job with Duncan Kerr MP, I felt deep uncertainty about the future.

I was interviewed by a panel of six people, and asked the same questions as every other Green member who was seeking pre-selection. Our answers were graded on a scale of, I think, one to four. I had to prove my Green credentials and commitment beyond question, and I knew it.

A committee made the decision on the Denison Green ticket. I was pre-selected to the number 2 spot on merit and I am extremely honoured by the Greens’ faith in me - a faith I plan to repay.

A trail of loyalist grassroots Greens in my wake? Find them for me. I’d be keen to put their minds at rest. So far I’ve experienced enormous warmth and support from my fellow Greens.

If there’s to be a wake on election night, it won’t be mine. No matter what the result, if I campaign to the best of my capacity, I’ll hold my head high. Like life, politics is a punt ... this time, I don’t mind the odds.

Let’s argue on the substance, Zygo. It might suit your politico purpose to shoot the messenger, but you should get your facts straight before you print… pork pies.
Posted by Cassy O'Connor on 02/04 at 04:58 PM
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Go Zygo Go

Wethinks Ms O’C protesteth too much

If you are looking for solid GreenGoss you’d be a fool to rely on Greg “Sad Sack” Barnes, or the S&M Master from the Chamber [a.k.a. St...Urges The Pious], let alone EdLtrs and EdOp from the Tart of Macquarie Street (aka The Murc).

Harringtone St HQ itself is the best font of Green Knowledge these days.

The self-acknowledged chronology of Cassy’s rite of passage says it all ... out Duncan’s door on a Friday & into the boughs of green-ness on the Monday. That must have been one hell of a 48 hour epiphany. It’s amazing the amount of commitment one can develop over a weekend.

That’s ZYGO’s point I guess. Nouveau arriviste greens bring nothing but machine-driven politico-pragmatism to a party which once prided itself on principles.

Excuse the cynicism, but even green lifers get a bit russet around the edges, when these stunts are pulled.

Once the Rev Bob would have lent his guiding hand, but now the future of panda welfare at the WWF seems to be his pre-occupation.

Bon Chance
Posted by Dada Dave on 02/05 at 04:37 PM
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Dada Dave and Zygo - those who lurk behind psuedonyms to sledge - you know zip about me, my Green cred, or my commitment.

Far from undergoing some 48 hour conversion, I have been a member of the Tasmanian Greens for more than three years. There is nothing inconsistent in working for the good Duncan, and holding green beliefs. I was never, have never been, a member of the ALP.

Beautiful Ralphs Bay and what the Lennon Govt would’ve allowed to happen to it were the catalyst for my decision to run for the Greens.

I’m tired and you are both very boring.

Print your fallacious twaddle in the Mercury. Under your real names. I dare you.
Posted by Cassy on 02/05 at 10:38 PM


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