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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Harvest Cycle - Home

Harvest Cycle - Home

Harvest Cycle is not just a cycling event - it's a complete cycling and harvest experience like no other, for you, your family and your friends!

The combination of cycling and a productive countryside is well known to major cycling events such as the Tour de France, the Giro Italia and the Tour Down Under. Who hasn’t seen images of cyclists toiling along country roads past beautiful vineyards and fields of flowers?

Harvest Cycle celebrates the twin joys of the sport of cycling and the cycle of the harvests.

Harvest Cycle 2006 is a 3-day cycling competition open to cyclists of all ages and abilities, celebrating cycling and the cycle of Tasmania’s harvest bounty. Harvest Cycle 2006 builds on the very successful inaugural Harvest Cycle 2005, held in the Coal Valley in April 2005. Harvest Cycle 2006 will reach out to include Hobart’s fabulous Mount Wellington as the final and ultimate challenge.

Photos of Harvest Cycle 2005 are available here.

Harvest Cycle will fast become one of Australia’s iconic cycling events, with cyclists tantalised by the prospect of challenging but friendly racing amongst a backdrop of beautiful countryside, spectacular views, fantastic races routes, and gourmet food and wine. The races have been designed to bring riders, their supporters and spectators to the Coal Valley, one of Tasmania’s premier wine and fine food regions.

Harvest Cycle 2006 will comprise 5 races over a 3-day weekend. Riders will race in categories according to experience and ability. The higher categories will race longer distances. Some riders may choose to do only some of the races, depending on their experience. Expectations are for around 150 entries across 5 categories in 2006, ranging from recreational riders to elite racers.

Prizes will be awarded in each category according to accumulated points and according to accumulated time.

Pride will be awarded automatically to those who meet the challenge.

© Clive Roper

© Peter Whyte

Participants' comments from 2005
Well organised, intense and close racing - a great challenge. I was very impressed with the organisation of this weekend. This meant that all participants could just focus on the racing and what great racing it was. The crit was a real spectacle and I think the crowds enjoyed it as much as the cyclists. What a great mix of festival atmosphere, fine food and wine and great racing over achievable courses. I'll definitely be back. You did an absolutely excellent job managing the 'Harvest Cycle' events. I only entered 2 events because family commitments would only allow this. The events I was in went like clockwork and were great fun to ride. I didn't attend the extra functions or prize giving but had very good reports about them. Well done!!
The organisers need a huge pat on the back. I've organised events before and know that there are always problems/hitches, but as far as this event is concerned from the competitors and spectators perspective, it went off very smoothly. The publicity advertising the event and the information regarding each race were both superb. A mammoth task executed brilliantly with poise and good humour. Well done. There could be no complaints at all about the marshalling or anything to do with the running of the races – brilliant…it is always comforting to know someone who can cope is there looking after things. The website is excellent. The promotion material and sponsorship stuff was excellent. The races worked out well. The courses were varied and gave everyone who could climb a chance. I absolutely loved the crit course - I would do that every week!
.. the races were organised really well…everything seemed to go smoothly…we had a great time and could find no fault with anything… did a fantastic job. Fantastic organisation, wonderfully friendly competitors, most fascinating racing, especially being stage racing…looking forward to Harvest Cycle 2006! Great courses, well-planned, well-organised, great camaraderie...a fantastic weekend of cycling in a wonderful setting…

Have been involved in organising cycling events since the early sixties and observed the organisation of many top events I have competed in. the organisation of Harvest would be equal to the best. Most impressed. I haven't done anything as hard for 30 years, but very rewarding. It makes me feel like I've reinvented my youth. I went into the event with the aim to finish and I surprised myself by being competitive to the end (well almost). As a first season rider and new-comer to the sport, I had a very enjoyable 3 days of riding. The event was very well organised and safely run, the camaraderie between riders and the physical challenges made for a great long weekend - can't wait for next years event!

Extremely well organised, great experience, conviviality, friendship, challenging, competitive, fantastic scenery. An event that captured the imagination of cyclists, wine producers and the town of Richmond. These all describe the inaugural Harvest Cycle. One of the best sporting events I've participated in, in my life. Well done.

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All photos copyright © Peter Whyte unless otherwise credited.


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