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Monday, April 03, 2006

Forest ad plea was `to all parties'

examiner.com.au : Forest ad plea was `to all parties'

ยค Greens advocacy denied
The Wilderness Society says it is confident that it would be vindicated by any investigation of advertising during last month's State election.

Society campaign coordinator Geoff Law said yesterday that the logging industry was wrong to claim Wilderness Society television advertisements screened during the State election campaign last month advocated voting for the Greens and were political.

Logging industry representatives want the society's tax-deductible status reviewed by the Federal Government, saying the advertisements went beyond environmental advocacy to political advocacy.

Mr Law said the logging industry was trying to stifle debate.

"We ran the advertisements about old- growth logging with the intention of getting positive policies from all political parties," he said.

"We stand by what we put in those television ads. The industry has tried this on before and in every case the Wilderness Society has been vindicated."

He said loggers were moving into previously untouched old-growth forests in the Upper Florentine and Styx valleys.

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania could not be contacted yesterday.


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