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Monday, April 03, 2006

Publican trains apprentice beer-drinking pig. 03/04/2006. ABC News Online

" I am amazed that the animal rights lobby hasn't got onto this ...

.. force feeding alcohol onto an animal for entertainment value is not very humane "
says zygomaturus

Publican trains apprentice beer-drinking pig. 03/04/2006. ABC News Online

The Pub In the Paddock at Pyengana in north-east Tasmania has a new tourist drawcard.

The pub is world-famous for its beer-drinking pig named Priscilla, who can scull a watered-down stubby in seven seconds.

Priscilla is getting old, so a mischievous successor, Priscilla Babe, is being trained as a replacement.

Tourists from all over the world travel to Pyengana just to buy Priscilla a beer.

Owner Anne Free says it is crucial that she has a successor to keep her memory alive.

"I had a woman from Texas recently and she was so excited, she said, 'is this the pub with the beer drinking pig?'," she said.

"I said 'yes', she said ... 'I saw her on TV back home'."

Ms Free says training a pig to drink beer is not easy.

"Most pigs will drink beer, but you do have to train them to drink out of a bottle," she said.

"It did take her a while to get the taste, she sort of played with the bottle and still does play with the bottle, she's not the expert [that] Priscilla is."

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